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Foolish's Word of the Day: Frontier

  frontier noun  fron·tier \ˌfrən-ˈtir, ˈfrən-ˌtir, frän-ˈtir, ˈfrän-ˌtir\ a border between two countries a region that forms the margin of settled or developed territory the farthermost limits of knowledge or achievement in a particular subject a line of division between different or opposed things a new field for exploitative or developmental activity
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#TrendingNow with Shay Shay - R. Kelly is Innocent But He Hired a Top Lawyer

R. Kelly Hires Bill Cosby's Lawyer for Sex Cult Allegations: R. Kelly, who has been accused keeping young women captive in an alleged sex cult, has signed up Bill Cosby’s former powerhouse attorney, Monique Pressley. Jay Z and Beyonce May have Disagreements on Blue Ivy's Future: Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s marriage has exploded over Blue Ivy’s young modeling career. Sources say Beyoncé…