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The Internet Is Debating If Nelly Was Better Than Drake

I mean... Is that really a question?

Now, this reporter may be a tad bit biased, considering that Nelly was one of my favorite rappers. But thinking Drake is better than Nelly? I'm a little shocked. Nelly is iconic. Needless to say, some of the internet is questioning this. And it looks like they might feel like they shouldn't have, because most fans are coming to Nelly's defense, justifying how good Nelly really was, and how this is a NO CONTEST trending topic.

Some examples include:


Noting that Nelly went Diamond certified without streaming:

TBG on Twitter

Rap twitter is debating Nelly vs Drake. This shouldn't be a debate, Nelly went diamond before streams counted without a major co-sign.

BIGNOAH on Twitter

Nelly went diamond @ $16.99 a disc. Y'all 90s babies gotta just sit this out y'all never paid $16.99 nor $25.99 for a double disc

Jay Holz on Twitter

Y'all must've forgotten that Nelly went DIAMOND. That's 10 times Platinum for the people in the back. BEFORE streaming....


That his music videos were worth losing sleep over:

Desus Nice on Twitter

nelly had ppl staying up till 3am to watch a credit card get swiped down a butt.


People see Nelly as a pop culture icon:

Ryan Belk on Twitter

I agree that Drake has more "hits" than Nelly, but Nelly's music did more for the pop culture

Larry Beyince on Twitter

Everyone likes rap now. Nelly had white people liking rap back when white ppl didn't like rap. All they played was Smooth by Carlos Santana

One that made us wear band-aids on our faces:



Some users also made the point that if there wasn't the bridged gap of Nelly to Country Music, some of the artists like Sam Hunt wouldn't exist. That Florida Georgia Line's "Cruise would have been DOA. He made it okay for crossovers with rappers and R&B artists, and it paved the way for awesome collaborations after he did a song with Tim McGraw:


caleb on Twitter

Nelly got me to listen to a song Tim McGraw on it. If that ain't legendary then what is

_FrankWhite® on Twitter

Nelly shifted the whole game when he did a song with Tim McGraw . Kids don't get how important Nelly is


Here's the thing, most of these people are probably falling into this category:

Kevin on Twitter

The Nelly Drake debate is just people who actually listened to Nelly as opposed to people who didn't listen to Nelly. Simple.



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