Will Detroit Fall In Love With 'Detroiters'?

The new Comedy Central series starring Detroit natives Tim Robinson and Sam Richardson premiers Tuesday at 10:00pm.

A new series from producers Lorne Michaels and Saturday Night Live alumni Jason Suedeikis called Detroiters premiers tomorrow (Tuesday) at 10:00p.m. on Comedy Central. But the question is: how will Detroit feel about Detroiters? So far, the marketing around the show has been pretty limited with only 3 clips on YouTube, but the series saw a big push when this spot aired during the Super Bowl

Hello, Detroit - Detroiters - Comedy Central

On February 7, two best friends bring all the charm of the Motor City directly to you. Detroiters airs Tuesdays at 10:30/9:30c on Comedy Central.

The series stars Tim Robinson and Sam Richardson two Detroit natives who have been making some serious waves in the television world lately. Sam Richardson, best known for his role as Richard Splett in HBO's comedy Veep, is a graduate of University of Detroit Jesuit High School and Academy who went on to study acting at Wayne State University as well as performing in Second City in Detroit and Chicago. Tim Robinson, best known for his time as a Saturday Night Live cast member, is a graduate of Clarkston High School and has had small roles on Documentary Now and Man Seeking Woman and has also performed with Second City as well as Just For Laughs.

Detroiters is based off the real life friendship of Sam and Tim who are also serving as the shows writers. Similar shows like Broad City or It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia  have shown how effective a writing team based off genuine camaraderie can be. The show is both set and shot in Detroit. The Super Bowl trailer shows the pair walking down Clifford just passed the Woodward intersection, you can even see the Kit and Ace store on the corner and the front of Louie's Lounge as they walk down the street. The series seems to be following the path that shows like It's Always Sunny in Philedlphia blazed when it premiered in 2005 and Portlandia followed in 2011.

The question is: how will actual Detroiters feel about Detroiters?

When a TV show attaches itself to a city, the creators will inevitably be under a huge microscope from said city. Portland didn't always take kindly to their portrayal as the hipster Mecca of the United States in another Lorne Michaels produced show Portlandia. And even Philly bristled at the depiction of the denizens of its borders in It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, so will Detroiters end up being rubbed the wrong way by the depiction Sam Richardson and Tim Robinson portray when the show debuts tomorrow night?

All Hustle, No Flow - Detroiters - Comedy Central - Uncensored

Sam and Tim may not be Detroit's best ad men, but they're sure as hell Detroit's best friends. Detroiters premieres February 7 on Comedy Central.

Only time will tell. But, Sam and Tim know Detroit pretty well. They've said a huge influence to the way Detroiters is being presented are the old Mel Farr Superstar and ABC Warehouse ads that were big in the region when the actors were growing up. That, right there, will get you points.

But, Sam and Tim know what really moves Detroiters: beer. If naming the show after the city wasn't enough to get you to watch, the creators are also offering a free beer at 24 participating establishments around the metro-Detroit area during the shows premier tomorrow between 10:00pm and 11:00pm.

Get One on Us-Detroiters - Video Clip | Comedy Central

If you're in Detroit, you're in luck: Detroiters wants to buy you a beer to celebrate its series premiere. (0:32)

So, if you're interested in sharing a beer and watching the premier of Detroiters on Comedy Central hit up one of these local watering holes, pull up a stool and join Detroit in drinking to Detroiters.

Anchor Bar, 450 W Fort St., Detroit
Bronx Bar, 4476 2nd Ave., Detroit,
Bumbos Bar, 3001 Holbrook St., Hamtramck
Checker Bar & Grill, 124 Cadillac Sq., Detroit
Donovans Pub, 3003 W Vernor Hwy, Detroit
El Club, 4114 W Vernor Hwy., Detroit
Garden Bowl, 4138 Woodward Ave., Detroit
Green Dot Stables, 2200 W Lafayette Blvd., Detroit
Harry's Detroit, 2482 Clifford St., Detroit
Honest Johns, 488 Selden St., Detroit
Jumbos Bar, 3736 3rd St., Detroit
Kelly's Bar, 2403 Holbrook St., Hamtramck
Marble Bar, 1501 Holden St., Detroit
Nancy Whiskey, 2644 Harrison St., Detroit
Nemo’s Bar, 1384 Michigan Ave., Detroit
Northern Lights Lounge, 660 W Baltimore St., Detroit
Old Miami Bar, 3930 Cass Ave., Detroit
Painted Lady, 2930 Jacob St., Hamtramck
PJ's Lager House, 1254 Michigan Ave., Detroit
Punch Bowl Social, 1331 Broadway St., Detroit
Queens Bar, 35 Grand River Ave., Detroit
The Baltimore, 1234 Randolph St., Detroit
The Old Shillelagh, 349 Monroe St., Detroit
Ye Olde Tap Room, 14915 Charlevoix St., Detroit

Sound off in our comments and let us know how excited, or not, are you for Detroiters? Think the series will be good?