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Melle Mel Throws Shade At Jay Z and Eminem

The hip hop legend shared his opinion on his successors on the new Bravo show The First Family of Hip Hop.

Melle Mel member of the legendary rap group The Furious Five, doesn't think too highly of current rap. Well...maybe "current" is the wrong word.

On the debut episode of Bravo's new series The First Family of Hip Hop Melle Mel had words for Jay Z:

“Most of it’s garbage, [...] These are just guys posing. Jay, all of them,”

When the room asked for clarification, if Mel was referring to Jay ZMel responded with

“He’s a white guy. Jay Z’s a white guy. Jay Z’s a white business man. He’s a clown.”

Naturally, someone starts asking about Eminem to which Mel simply responds with the fact that Em is white. When pressed on the fact that race has nothing to do with rapping ability Mel asks the person asking the question what they would think if he were white.

You can watch the clip down below.

First Family of Hip Hop: Did Melle Mel Just Call Jay Z a Clown? (Season 1, Episode 5) | Bravo

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