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Cheerios Is Handing Out Free Wildflower Seeds To Help Bees

Within the past few years, the honey bee population has significantly decreased. Known for their mascot Buzz the Bee, Cheerios wants to help their favorite insect.

In order to educate the general public about the increasing issues with the honeybee population, the cereal company is giving away 100 million packets of wildflower seeds.

Cheerios is campaigning that Buzz The Bee is missing due to the issues happening with the planet, and has listed some statistics on their site, including that 42% of bee colonies have collapsed in 2015 alone.


We Need The Bees: Cheerios Initiative to Support Pollinators

Follow along as General Mills and Honey Nut Cheerios make efforts to save the pollinator population. Learn more on our website: -- Find Cheerios here: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Pinterest:


70 out of 100 human food crops are noted to be pollinated by bees, according to Cheerios, and so now they share that "People need bees," and "bees need people." The oat farmers will be taking on an initiative by 2020, that will host over 3,000 nectar and pollen rich wildflowers, so that they can help the population of bees stay strong.


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You too can help the bee population in your own backyard. By signing up on the Cheerios’ website, you too can receive a free packet of wildflower seeds. Each packet contains approximately 500 seeds and will ensure to make your local bees happy. Make sure to get you free packet of seeds soon! Supplies are going fast and, currently, over 72 million packets have been claimed.


If supplies runs out, we definitely recommend going to your local gardening store. They will be sure to also have wildflower seed packets that will be able to help the honeybee population.


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