Legendary Radio Boss Fights Cancer and WINS!

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A former radio broadcast friend of mine shares his testimony about going head on with cancer only to be as victorious as he was in the mid 80's when he became the first programmer to take an urban format in Detroit to number one in the ratings.

I received a text message from one of the most admired radio bosses in my entire radio career, Mr. James Alexander who, in short, is the mastermind behind successful, award winning urban radio programming in this country. James A or Jimmy Wonder as he was once known during his early on air days in radio, was absolutely elated to share with me the details of both the discovery of and the rapid departure of thyroid cancer.

Reggie Reg, it's James A)...FYI - last week there was a hoarseness in my voice, thought it was apparently from a cold...but after going back to the doctor they did a CT Scan which led to surgery & the removal of my thyroid & (5) lymph nodes which were all cancerous,...GOD's grace - they got it ALL!!!

Point of this story is for all broadcasters to tell their listeners to (1) Take YOURSELF to the Doctor...fine to take mama, uncle, everyone else BUT take you!!! (2) Then Discuss w/them all aspects, concerns above & beyond your initial visit...let them ask what are your concerns today then TELL THEM!!

So let's take heed from James A's experience and as Kool Moe Dee once put it 'GO SEE THE DOCTOR!'

Congrats brother James A! And may GOD continue to pour his bountiful blessings upon you and your awesome family!

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