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Azealia Banks Attacked Her Own Sister with a Box Cutter

Another week, another Azealia Banks assault story.

Just weeks after missing her court date, Banks’ past has come back to haunt her with the revelation that the rapper once turned a box cutter on her own sister.

According to NY Daily News, Banks was arrested for slicing the “neck, arm and hand” of her sister while in an altercation back in April 2009. She had pleaded guilty, but received special treatment because of her age at the time. Prosecutors are looking to strengthen their case for the current assault charges that Banks is facing and plan on using the evidence to support their claim that this is clearly a recurring theme of violence.

In addition to the box cutter incident, prosecutors brought up an October 2015 altercation with a bouncer outside an L.A. nightclub, just two months prior to the infamous boob-biting incident in New York. The L.A. assault charges were dismissed due to lack of evidence, but continue to prove Banks’ violent tendencies.

Lastly, Assistant DA Shea Donato brought forth a case stemming from October 2016 that involved Banks filing a battery report against Russell Crowe. That case was also dismissed ruling that Crowe acted within his rights after Banks had made violent threats against the actor and guests at his party.

Judge Ann Scherzer will decide as to whether or not these prior cases can be used as part of the upcoming prosecution. According to her attorney, Banks will testify on her own behalf.

In true Russell Crowe fashion, Banks is making movies, making songs, and fightin’ around the world!


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