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What's More Appealing: An Album Or A Mixtape - WE INVESTIGATE!

There are many artists that have come to realize the pros and cons of releasing albums as oppose to mixtapes, and vice versa.

Certain fans even prefer the music that their favorite artist may release as a mixtape over what they tend to create and sell as a traditional album, because the artists seem to have more artistic control over their product.

While you say "Eh, do we really care," - case in point: Yes, you're about to.

Chance the Rapper recently announced that he is thinking about making his next project a traditional album, which means Chance’s new music is going to cost you.

Chance has had an amazing year, winning Grammys and gaining popularity, all from the success of a free mixtape. Possibly deciding to charge for his album is of course up to him, but who says that is even something that needs to be done. He unconventionally rose to success, as an independent artist and managed to change the blueprint for new artist to go mainstream.

And though many people would gladly throw down some cash on Chance The Rapper when it comes to music, some artists are able to keep their hype high by releasing mixtapes with no warning.

Fabolous is probably one of the best examples of someone consistently dominating the mixtape world. Fab releases music regularly, his fans love it and it allows him to stay relevant. An album by Fab might have more features, but more importantly it might not get much attention from the general public.

Before the internet, if you kept up with your favorite rapper you knew when a new mixtape was going to be released, and was considered underground. However, when someone released an album, you saw commercials, the artist did media circuits, and it was distributed to the masses.

Now, we're able to obtain mixtapes on the internet, see music videos from indie artists, and there's a lot more accessibility for the creative industry to tap into being seen, and eventually, being heard.

When it comes to Chance The Rapper, he's had such a whirlwind year, it might be good for him to make an actual sanctioned album, but we don't think that'll ever stop him from making mixtapes as well. With artists like Future, Jeezy, and even on occasion Kanye West dropping mixtapes or special projects, we can only just accept the fact that no matter where or how it's released, we're living in a music renaissance.


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