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This Chocolate Caffeine Drink May Improve Your Thinking

Yes, you have read it correctly. There is a particular drink on the market that mixes chocolate and caffeine. The best part? Well, it may just help to improve your brain’s thinking process.

In a joint study between New York’s Clarkson University, the University of Wisconsin, and the Oregon Science University researches have found that student’s test taking abilities increased with cocoa and caffeine. Researchers tested 24 students at the University of Georgia where they made each subject take a “mental energy test battery” according to Business Insider.

They would repeat the process three times after consuming three different test drinks. Each drink contained different ingredients; one had only caffeine, one had cocoa, and the last drink had a combination of both cocoa and chocolate.

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All of the chocolate used in the test was provided by the Hershey Company. By using randomized test subjects, neither the “tests subjects nor the investigators knew which drink produced which results during the testing sessions” reports Business Insider.

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Once the testing was over, researchers tallied the results and found that students had a cognitive boost while drinking the cocoa and caffeine combo. Researchers believe that students who drink chocolate suddenly become less anxious. This is because the flavanols in chocolate reduce the brain’s anxiety and will allow for a student to have a better test taking experience.

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This is not the first time that chocolate has been proven to be positive for your brain. Studies in the past have shown that cocoa’s flavanols helped a person’s mood. By eating either cocoa or dark chocolate, individuals moods have increased and were found to be better at problem solving.

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So, go ahead, do not feel bad about eating that chocolate bar! You are just trying to make yourself feel less anxious and become a better problem solver. For all those students about to take there final exams, make sue to have a healthy dose of chocolate before you step into he exam. Both your brain and final grade will thank you!


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