Slander and Scandal: Your Favorite Rapper Goes To Jail


Travis Scott had to spend 12 minutes in jail on Saturday night.  He was arrested immediately following his concert in Arkansas on Saturday. Scott reportedly told his fans to rush the barriers and when fans did, people were injured.  He faces charges of inciting a riot, endangering a minor and disorderly conduct. Check out the video..

RAVEN B. on Twitter

There are no fans like @trvisXX fans.



Chance the Rapper had to take to the IG and apologize for accidentally  "liking" a comment of "just puked" over a picture of plus sized models.. He's taking some heat on social media.


Lil Chano From 79th on Twitter

This isn't fake, I accidentally liked an offensive comment on IG. I apologize to anybody hurt by it and it doesn't reflect my character

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