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Mathew Knowles Announces Arrival Of Beyonce's Twins, Twitter Is Not Hear For It

Beyonce and her father Mathew Knowles have a very strange relationship as is, but we are sure after his announcement of the Twins when Bey keeps stuff private is not going to go over well. 

Within that realm, Mathew Knowles is being dragged by "The Beyhive," the infamous fan base that belongs to the Queen Bey, Beyonce.

In his need of "being noticed," Knowles sent out this tweet, and now fans are retaliating with all sorts of nastiness.

Mathew Knowles on Twitter

They're here! #beyonce #twins #jayz #happybirthday


And The Hive Retaliated As Follows:

Sin Rostro on Twitter

Matthew Knowles is that father who is hella absent but brags on everything you accomplish.

Lwazi on Twitter

The Beyhive is dragging Matthew Knowles. My wig is off. I'm screaming ????


Golden Ticket on Twitter

How dare Matthew Knowles raggedy ass announce the twins birth before Bey when we all already know she didn't even tell him she was pregnant


The Instigator on Twitter

Matthew Knowles : 1214 followers 514 tweets Beyonce : 14.5 million followers 9 tweets Beehive is rude


ㅤㅤㅤ on Twitter

That SNAKE Matthew Knowles was the one who leaked the news about Beyoncé giving birth to the twins


???? on Twitter

@MathewKnowles @chRIHssy Just had to ruin it for Bey did you


Yanga Ndamasé on Twitter

@MathewKnowles how many times does she have to fire you

ㅤ on Twitter

@MathewKnowles they aren't here until beyoncé tells us they're here


???? on Twitter

@MathewKnowles It's not real until the queen herself reveals it


Hey Mathew, if you were looking to gain followers for this... BOY BYE.


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