Tupac Confesses in Prison Letter He Dumped Madonna Because She Was White

In a handwritten letter Tupac penned to Madonna, the late rapper confessed to ending his relationship with the Material Girl because she’s white. The 22-year-old letter shows Tupac in a reflective space where he confesses how he believed their relationship would damage his career and “image.” Tupac also said part of the break-up came from his ego. In the letter, Pac references an interview Madonna did in which she alludes to dating multiple men. Feeling hurt, Pac says ending their relationship was his eye for an eye.

The letter will go up for auction July 19-28 at Gotta Have Rock and Roll. Starting bid is $100k and it's expected to fetch a lot more. The last letter written by Tupac sold for more than $170k.

You can read parts of the letter obtained by TMZ below:

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