Photo by Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images

"R. Kelly Is Holding Our Daughters In Sex Obsessed 'Cult'" Says Parents

A new report by online publication Buzzfeed has a disturbing number of parents claiming that their daughters are part of a sex-obsessed and abusive "cult" by singer R. Kelly. “[Kelly] is a master at mind control.... He is a puppet master" says a former member of Kelly's entourage, joining two others in confirming the parents' claims of the predatory behavior and cult-like atmosphere exhibited by Kelly.

The singer is being said to keep a collection of young women at his many different homes in both Atlanta and Chicago and puts them through a "training" of sorts. He replaces their cell phones with ones specifically used to talk to him and only him, all while requiring that the girls calls him "daddy" and ask for permission to be able to leave their residences. There has also been a lack of communication with the parents, as one set of parents have not communicated with their now 21-year-old daughter for two years when the last contact was the daughter claiming to be in a consenting relationship.

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