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#TrendingNow with Shay Shay - Where is Detroit Ranked Among Best and Worst Run Cities?

Detroit Viewed as 2nd Worst Run City in America: WalletHub’s analysts compared the operating efficiency of 150 of the largest U.S. cities to reveal which among them are managed best, and Detroit came in at #149.

ESPN To Air O.J. Simpson Parole Hearing LiveO.J. Simpson’s parole hearing this Thursday will be carried live on ESPN, and pool cameras in the hearing room make it all but certain the proceedings will pop up at least in part on other news channels.

Woman Has 27 Contact Lenses In Eye: 67 year-old London woman recently went to an ophthalmologist because she thought she was suffering from dry eye and old age. They found a mass of 17 contact lenses in the woman's eye. Doctors then found another 10 contact lenses.

Jay-Z and Beyonce Grow Closer Since Birth of Twins: A source claims, “You can tell their chemistry and their relationship is much stronger after Jay’s 4:44 album release. The two of them are a lot more loose and the fact that Bey looks so good so soon after having her beautiful twins is a great indication of that.”

Conor McGregor Appears to Call Black People 'Monkeys'McGregor was asked who would win between him and Sylvester Stallone's character in Rocky III. 'Rocky III, that's the one where he had that celebrity gym isn't it? With the dancing monkeys in the gym and all,' McGregor said.

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Is this a racist comment or slip of the tongue