D Bag of the Day: Woman Stabs Husband on Toilet

If you can't find a few minutes of peaceful sanctuary when you're sitting on the toilet, when CAN you find it?

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D Bag Of The Day: A Woman Stabs Her Husband While He's Sitting On The Toilet! The Gello Show

A woman named Tammy McCallop from Baton Rouge, Louisiana was arguing with her husband last week after he got home at 7:00 A.M. from a night out.

Tammy McCallop, Stabbing suspect

In the middle of the argument, he paused to take a quick toilet break.

And Tammy grabbed a knife . . . busted into the bathroom . . . yelled, quote, "I'm tired of your [s***]" . . . and stabbed him three times in the chest.

Now, I'm thinking she used the s-word metaphorically, like "I'm tired of your history of unpleasant behavior and the grief it's caused me" . . . but since he WAS sitting on the toilet, I guess she could've meant it literally too.

Anyway, he survived, and she was arrested for domestic abuse battery and aggravated battery.