Black Music Month

POLL: Best Male R&B Group

It’s hard to resist the harmonies a group can bring to any track, and in the world of R&B, there are countless groups that have given us a ton of hits that undoubtedly pop up on every playlist you make.

10 Richest R&B Artists

Their music has played a large part of most of our lives. We are sure at least one of their tunes will bring you back to a specific moment in time. According to Trending Top Most, here are 10 of the top grossing R&B artists.

5 Things You Need To Know About: Nas

Son of jazz musician Old Dara, Nas began his career in 1991. Since then, the New York rapper has released ten studio albums. Since it's Black Music Month, we're celebrating his career with these five things you need to know about well-known rapper/record producer/actor/entrepreneur.