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Accident At Ohio Carnival Leads to 1 Dead, 7 Injured

One person was killed and at least seven others injured when a ride malfunctioned Wednesday night at the Ohio State Fair in Columbus, which happened to be the first day of the fair being opened and allowing passengers on their rides. As seen in a bystander’s video, a part of the mechanical ride came loose…

Foolish's Word of the Day: Frontier

  frontier noun  fron·tier \ˌfrən-ˈtir, ˈfrən-ˌtir, frän-ˈtir, ˈfrän-ˌtir\ a border between two countries a region that forms the margin of settled or developed territory the farthermost limits of knowledge or achievement in a particular subject a line of division between different or opposed things a new field for exploitative or developmental activity
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#TrendingNow with Shay Shay - R. Kelly is Innocent But He Hired a Top Lawyer

R. Kelly Hires Bill Cosby's Lawyer for Sex Cult Allegations: R. Kelly, who has been accused keeping young women captive in an alleged sex cult, has signed up Bill Cosby’s former powerhouse attorney, Monique Pressley. Jay Z and Beyonce May have Disagreements on Blue Ivy's Future: Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s marriage has exploded over Blue Ivy’s young modeling career. Sources say Beyoncé…