About BiGG, Foolish & Shay Shay in the Morning


Contact: Bigg@1051thebounce.com

Bigg has been blessed to be able to talk on the radio for a living since he was 17 years old. It's not only what he LOVES doing, it's what's in his blood. He’s had the privilege to travel to many cities to host radio shows, but whenever people ask what his FAVORITE city was, he ALWAYS says “Detroit!” His previous three years in Detroit from 2006-2009 were some of the best years of his life. He met so many people who listened to his show. When he got the opportunity to come back and host the morning show on THE BOUNCE, he JUMPED at this opportunity! “Not only are the city and the people here amazing, but THE BOUNCE literally plays my favorite songs!” Bigg loves the music and enjoys listening to the station on his “off” time, as well as his “on” time.


Contact: Shay@1051thebounce.com

“Shay Shay”, a native of Detroit, had a stellar career right here in her hometown, having been a fixture on many local stations, as well as hosting shows in Miami, Portland and Pittsburgh. When she leaves the studio, Shay Shay enjoys teaching as an Adjunct Professor at Wayne State University. Formerly known as “Shay Shay in the Midday”, she is excited to transition to “wake up duties” in Detroit.


Contact: Foolish@1051thebounce.com

Foolish, a native of Detroit, whose footprint expands across all forms of entertainment, started his comedy career on B.E.T.’s ground-breaking series, Comic View, followed by an extraordinary 17 years of hilarious comedy on radio in the morning in the Motor City. The radio veteran continues to tour the nation with actors and actresses doing various plays and concerts, along with headlining events for fundraising organizations. In addition, he continues to pioneer educational movements in the City of Detroit. According Foolish, his proudest accomplishment is being a father to his beautiful daughter, who laughs every day!