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#TrendingNow with Shay Shay - Kevin Hart claims he was EXTORTED | September 18th, 2017

  Kevin Hart Apologizes to his Wife in Video: Kevin Hart apologized on Saturday after he was caught on camera cheating on his wife, Eniko Parrish. The comedian alludes to allegedly being extorted, but says in an Instagram video that he’d “rather fess up” than “allow a person to have financial gain off of my mistakes.” U-M police…
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#TrendingNow with Shay Shay - What was the Lions' Response to Racist Comments? | September 15th, 2017

  ESPN's Jemele Hill apologizes for calling Trump a 'white supremacist': ESPN host Jemele Hill has apologized to the network for calling Donald Trump a “white supremacist” on social media, but not to the president. In a Twitter exchange on Monday, Hill, a co-host on ESPN’s SportCenter, described Trump as a “white supremacist who has largely surrounded himself [with]…
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Foolish's Word of the Day: Caucasian

  Caucasian adjective  Cau·ca·sian  \ kȯ-ˈkā-zhən , kä- also -ˈka-zhən \ 1. of or relating to the Caucasus or its inhabitants 2. of, constituting, or characteristic of a race of humankind native to Europe, North Africa, and southwest Asia and classified according to physical features —used especially in referring to persons of European descent having usually light skin pigmentation
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#TrendingNow with Shay Shay - Kwame Says He Doesn't Owe the City Anything | September 14th, 2017

  The White House thinks Jemele Hill should be Fired: White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told reporters that Hill's tweets constituted a "fireable offense" during a press briefing on Wednesday. For a fourth year, Michiganders see incomes rise: Michigan residents made more money again for the fourth consecutive year, and for the first time since the recession in Detroit…
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#TrendingNow with Shay Shay - The New iPhone is HERE! | September 13th, 2017

  Protesters march outside Kid Rock show at Little Caesars Arena: Two hours before showtime, about 200 protesters gathered in Grand Circus Park to march up Woodward in protest of Rock's appearance. For 90 minutes or so, Kid Rock fans and protesters shared the sidewalks of downtown Detroit peacefully, though often profanely, trading f-bombs and the…
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