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About Mr. Chase

Mr. Chase always wanted to be on the radio. At the tender age of 7 , he would pretend of being a radio announcer, using a variety of voices and sounds from his uncles' 8 track stereo system. Mr.Chase majored in Music at North Dorchester High School in Maryland, and then went on to the University of Maryland Eastern Shore. After 3 years, he decided to put down his musical instrument and pursue radio. "I was at the right place at the right time". Mr.Chase’s uncle was already a announcer in Salisbury, Maryland. "I tried my best to get my foot in the door, but my uncle didnt have time to teach or train me". With that being said , the morning show guy at the radio station grabbed Mr.Chase to do voices inside a production room. It was a success as the morning guy used every single voice that Mr.Chase did for him. He was hired the next day.

Mr.Chase started out doing mornings and then went on to 103 Jamz in Norfolk as morning show host. After 4 years Mr.Chase headed back to Philadelphia. "I decided to go do love songs at night". The show was called Between The Sheets. Then, after 2 years, it was back to Norfolk to reclaim the number 1 spot in Mornings at 103 Jamz. From there, Mr Chase moves to the “D” as a Morning show Producer and co-host. Once, billionaire mogul Puff Daddy Combs claimed that "he has the most beautiful voice (he) ever heard ".

Mr.Chase provides inspiration to all as a kidney transplant survivor--and you can hear his legendary voice on 105.1 The Bounce 3pm-7pm Saturdays and Sundays. His motto is "Its damn fun to be a job".