CONGRATULATIONS! Your restaurant has been selected as a participant in 105.1 The Bounce’s “Best carry Out Bracket”! This Bracket will run from 10:00am, Friday, June 10 to 10:00 am, July 5. We have selected 32 of the best carry out spots around metro Detroit to be a part of this bracket based on reputation and listener nominations. There is NO COST for you to be a part of this bracket! But there is a PRIZE, and it’s not just bragging rights! More on that below.

The restaurant will be placed randomly into our 32 Participant Bracket for listeners and patrons to vote for their favorites to advance to the next round. Through voting the entrants will be narrowed down from 32 to 16 to 8 to 4 to 2…and finally to the Number 1 Carry out spot as voted on by BOUNCE listeners. The winner of this bracket is determined 100% by the votes received in the bracket. People can join this bracket and vote at ANYTIME while the bracket is running regardless of what “Round” the bracket is in.


The bracket will be live beginning Thursday, June 9 at the link listed below:


The following are the Dates and Rounds for this bracket:

Round One (32 Carry out locations): June 10th @10am – June 14th @ @ 11:59pm​

Round Two (16 Carry out locations): June 15th @ 12am –June 19th @ 11:59pm​

Round Three (8 Carry out locations): June 20th @ 12am – June 24th @ 11:59pm​

Round Four (4 Carry out locations): June 25th @ 12am – June 29th @ 11:59pm​

Round Five (Final 2 Carry out locations): June 30th @ 12am – July 5th @ 10:00am​

Winner will be chosen on Tuesday July 5th and announced on air on Wednesday July 6th

TIP: Don’t forget to remind your fans to vote at the start of each round!


You are not required to promote this bracket to be a part of it, we have already included you, but as we mentioned there is a prize! The restaurant that finishes as Number 1 will win a WMGC Promotional Package valued at $15,000.


Feel free to promote your  participation at your location, on your website and social media, and anywhere that your patrons are! We hope you enjoy being a part of this, and good luck!

TIP: Try inserting a flyer with each carryout order to supercharge your votes!

Best carry out square post
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Best Carryout story

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TIP : Insert a flyer with each carryout order to supercharge your votes!