2016 brought us so many movies worth seeing (La La Land or Rogue One, anyone?) but with those excellent films, of course, come a few doozies.

Here are some of the movies you wish you could unsee in favor of reading a book or taking a nap or something:



The reboot starring favorites like Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy had major potential, but the film never quite picked up traction. Though it did decently well in the U.S., the amount of money the movie brought in couldn’t make up for the massive amount spent on marketing it.


Alice Through the Looking Glass

Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland was well-received after its 2010 release, but movie-goers just weren’t as thrilled about this film. Perhaps it was because Burton wasn’t a part of it, or maybe the movie was hit with the curse of the sequel, which seemed to run rampant among the film industry this year.



It’s a beloved children’s book and legendary director Steven Spielberg was behind it, which made this film seemed destined for success. Yet The BFG somehow failed to make a major impact on fans, and didn’t come close to making back the amount it had cost to produce.


Zoolander 2

Though the first installment gave us classic lines you probably still quote today, the sequel didn’t deliver the laugh-out-loud worthy moments fans were waiting for. Turns out it was probably best to limit Derek Zoolander’s story to one film.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2

The film’s sequel had a not-so-triumphant debut after its major 2014 success. The 2016 reboot earned only about half of what the first installment brought in.


Which movies fell short of your expectations this year? Let us know in the comments.


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