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There's A Disturbing New Challenge Gaining Popularity

A recent meme showing how to break your thumb ligament has gone viral, it has over 100,000 RTs.

The thing I find most alarming about this meme, is how many people seem interested in breaking their own thumb for fun. Twitter user @RahSenpai tweeted a diagram and a result photo of his friend Jon who "succeeded" in breaking his thumb.

In reality his thumb wasn't broken, Jon is double-jointed so his thumb move back into the normal position after the picture was taken.

According to Teen Vogue, "Jon ended up doing an interview with Buzzfeed about the ordeal, saying that though it appeared to be a break, the disfigured joint in his photo was actually due to being double-jointed.

“The pain was more caused by me doing it over and over again from attempting to test the meme, if that makes sense,” he said. “After so many attempts, my thumb felt weird. I can’t really explain the exact feeling," he said, adding that his finger did not stay in the position it was when photographed." The diagram is actually used to diagnose de Quervain's tendonitis and, in fact, does not break your thumb. Thank goodness!

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Make sure you don't try this at home.


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