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Well, This Sounds Like An Uplifting Museum To Visit...

Founded by John B. Quinn, The Museum of Broken Relationships tells a story of loss and celebrates the power of human relationships. The six exhibition rooms lure tourists walking along Hollywood Boulevard or, as some visitors like to call it, the Boulevard of Broken Relationships.


Scattered throughout the walls on the 3,498 square-foot building are donated relics of meaningful items of a past bond. Each anonymous donor is asked to write a few sentences for a backstory. Most are humorous while others are touching and remind us of the growth of the human spirit. One of which, a green mug, is accompanied by a longer explanation which goes on for a few paragraphs.

One of the more bizarre artifacts on display are a pair of breast implants sent in by an actress. In her description, she writes that she struggled with body image issues which were started by a man. After that relationship ended, the actress decided to remove the implants.

Hanging on another wall is a woman’ blue chiffon top. This blouse symbolized the moment when her husband told her he was leaving. Some of the other 2,000 items you may see at the Los Angeles based museum, include; a pickle jar, a steel barbecue smoker, a plethora of photographs, and lots of bras.


Employees who receive the donated items say it's a rather cathartic experience. Something about knowing a person has survived after a rough time helps you believe that this, too, shall pass. Since donations are received daily, the museum curators make sure items are refreshed on a weekly basis.

Towards the end of the exhibit, people are encouraged to stop by the museum’s “confessional”. In this private booth, visitors can write tales of their own breakups.

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Museum entry is only $18, so if you're planning a visit to LA and fit the broken hearted criteria, this might be the cheapest therapy session you will ever receive!


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