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A Man Graded An Apology Letter From His Ex And It’s Hilarious

Nick Lutz received an apology letter from his ex-girlfriend recently.

Seems nice enough, right? In the note, she swore on everything (even her Jeep!) that she didn’t cheat on him, but Lutz wasn’t having it. He also wasn’t into the writing style his ex used to profess her profound regret about the demise of their relationship. In fact, he took out a red pen and got pretty heavy-handed as he tore through the letter and corrected his former flame’s words.

The corrected apology letter has since become a Twitter sensation, earning more than 101,000 retweets as well as plenty of comments, and even a few date offers for the newly single Lutz.

Nick Lutz on Twitter

When your ex writes you an apology letter so you grade it to send it back

Lutz’s finally grade for the apology letter? A D-. Ouch.


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