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These Are The Best Reactions To The Biggest “Oops” In Oscar History

Last night, history was made at the Oscars, and not in a good way!

In what may go down as the biggest "oops" in Oscar history, "La La Land' was announced as the winner for Best Picture, however, the actual winner was "Moonlight."

Millions of people tuned in last night as the wrong winner was announced -- naturally, the internet reacted to the ordeal.

In a separate, unrelated incident, movie producer Jan Chapman's photo appeared in the Memoriam segment of the show, but she is very much alive. Oops again! According to People magazine, the spot was supposed to feature a photo of Costume Designer Janet Patterson.

David Berthold on Twitter

This came up in the In Memoriam section at #Oscars2017. But isn't this (living) Australian film producer Jan Chapman?

Here are some of our favorite reactions:

ToddInTheShadows on Twitter

La La Land"? Wait, we can't end the #Oscars like that! Hey, let's do the Scooby-Doo ending! https://t.co/DFdKaXV65g

Gabe Ortíz on Twitter

screams, prays, loves* #Oscars

That Geek on Twitter

Damien Chazelle, director of La La Land, be like at #Oscars

Steve Harvey on Twitter

Good morning everybody! Went to sleep early last night. So... what I miss? #Oscars

Conor Perkins on Twitter

GOSLING: "I switched the envelopes." #Oscars

Julio Núñez ✖ on Twitter

HELLO!!! #Oscars

Greg Wyshynski on Twitter

I KNEW IT!!!!!! #Oscars

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