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Don't Worry, Kangaroos Aren't A Common Street Pet In Detroit

There's a completely legitimate reason for the Kangaroo Sightings that have gone viral around the USA VIA Snapchat. 

A Detroit man was seen on a video (the location was very clear due to artist Jordan Garland's Snapchat filter) with a Kangaroo, hopping down the street on a leash with a man, who seemed to running after the kangaroo.

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Of course, many people were thinking "Only in Detroit" would these things happen, but come to find out, there was an awesome reason as to why a Kangaroo would pop up on the Detroit City Streets.

MLive Reports that the man is named Javon Stacks and he runs what's called "Exotic Zoo," in which he brings the zoo to the children that might not be able to visit an actual zoo. "It was for a birthday party a couple weeks ago," Stacks told MLive, saying "There's not enough room in someone's home to bring a kangaroo, so we stepped outside."

MLive also reports that "Exotic Zoo also makes an effort to educate kids about mammals, reptiles, predators, prey, the food chain and more. He [Stacks] said the mobile zoo is a way to see what students learn 'come to life' outside of their school books."


Take a deep breath everybody, Detroit isn't as crazy as you think.


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