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Want The Perfect Cat Eyeliner? Use A Bobby Pin!


Okay, so I have had my struggles with doing a cat eye for so much. I don't get Adele's Glam Squad, so I have to make do with just my own makeup skills. 

Instagram user @beautynmalia has shared what could be the perfect hack for trying to get that cat eye angle just right when it comes to eyeliner.

Check out the video here, and see if this is a technique that works for you!

Liner hack, its so easy and it works every single time, all you need is a large bobby pin, works on both sides so no more uneven eyeliner. Tag a friend ❤️


Also, I'll offer you a bit of advice: For me, I use a little bit of unscented lotion (or if I'm not near some lotion, chapstick / lip balm) before applying the mascara. If you make a mistake, it's easier to wipe off, and your eye won't get raw, as well as if your gel eyeliner is a little dry, it makes the application easier and less chunky.




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