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This Adorable Baby Does Hair and Keeps the Internet Laughing

Every week another kid goes viral doing something adorable and this week was no different.

Instagram fell in love with a beautiful little baby that has the personality of a grown woman trapped inside of her.

The first video showed the little girl looking at herself in the mirror so pleased with herself.

I finally did her hair ????????

40.2k Likes, 3,151 Comments - Kerry Robinson (@_sweetest_poison) on Instagram: "I finally did her hair ????????"

She seemed to be so tickled by her affirmation and the mother re-enforcing that “yes you are” really just warms your heart to see.

The pint size personality apparently also thinks she is a hair stylist and actually plays the role very well. We have all been in the hair salon for hours at a time and since you have to be there you end up gossiping with your stylist. In this case, the client happens to be her mom, and the little girl carries on a seemingly real conversation about nothing.

#SalonTalk lol @theellenshow

37.9k Likes, 3,456 Comments - Kerry Robinson (@_sweetest_poison) on Instagram: "#SalonTalk lol @theellenshow"

The latest video was another hair appointment and even more hilarious.

We can't get enough of this little girl! [via @_sweetest_poison]

8,085 Likes, 575 Comments - efb. (@entertainmentforbreakfast) on Instagram: "We can't get enough of this little girl! [via @_sweetest_poison]"

It’s always refreshing to see simple and cute videos on social media. Hopefully this little girl’s mother has more cuteness to share with us on Instagram, because we need it.


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