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Sometimes it’s hard to name something, especially if it’s a business. You have to like the name, but it also has to be catchy. 

People underestimate how great it is to name things with puns. Creating different titles, business names, food titles, and more using punny references make all the difference, and sometimes make people choose your businesses over others because of your humor. If you’re looking to start a business, or just like puns, some of these stores, jobs, and entertainment spots will be right up your alley!


Bump N’ Grind Autobody Shop

“There ain’t nothin’ wrong with a little Bump N’ Grind.” And when you have an auto body collision, big or small, sometimes you have to bump out the dents and grind out the scratches. C’mon, this is perfect, and I’m shocked if it doesn’t exist somewhere in the world.

Check Yo-Self Clinic

Ice Cube Says “Check yourself before you wreck yourself.” Though he was talking about shotgun bullets, it is always good to check yourself for diseases, especially anything sexually transmitted.

Ms. New Booty – A “Female Only” Gym

The gym could be a cardio-based female only gym, with plenty of choreographed dancing that will incorporate many squats. The warm up for every class could even be Bubba Sparxx memorable jam.


Ride Wit Me – Ride-Sharing App

Yes, we’ve got Uber and Lyft, but why should we stop there? Especially in places where Uber and Lyft won’t pick up. This is the brand for the not faint of heart. Plus, if they have a van or a Ford Flex, could make this ride sharing app a party bus on call. Just make sure to have Nelly on deck.


“Say Aah” Dentistry

Sure, the name may be a little cheesy, but you have to imagine how many times you’ve got to open your mouth in a dentist office. I’m sure Trey Songz would approve.


Jumpin’ Jumpin’ Gymnastics!

The best way to make sure that your kids get fit is to get them involved in extracurricular activities or take them to do activities that keep them active. Fun zones with Trampolines have been a trend poppin’ up in recent years, so why not a gymnastics / tumble-track / trampoline hybrid? Plus, the adults can relive their moments when they used to get dressed up to go out to the club listening to the Destiny’s Child track.


Get It Shawty Petite Shop

It’s frustrating to be short and look cute. Most women know this – and we’re constantly trying to compensate for the fact when it comes to clothing. This would be a shop just for petite clothing for all shapes of the body, sticking to the petite women. The slogan is easy, when you see a piece of clothing you like, don’t feel guilty! Get It Shawty! Thanks, Lloyd!


1st Of The Month Check And Loan

Sometimes you need your check ahead of time, or your bank account is overdrawn, and you’re freaking out because it’s the 1st of the month and you’ve got to pay your rent. Simple principal: 1st Of The Month Check And Loan will get you covered, and remind you Bone Thugs & Harmony Style. If this doesn’t exist already, I have no faith in this world.

Whatever You Like Burger Bar

Do you want to build your own burger? Us too! So you can sing T.I. and have whatever you liiiiiikkeeee if you build your own. Like a Subway for burgers, build your own based on what’s in the case!


So Fresh, So Clean Laundromat

Making sure that your clients know that their clothing will be the cleanest of clean, all while maintaining a Laundromat, having an Outkast-esque homage would be perfect to relay this without having to say much about it. Just make sure you do keep it “So fresh and so clean-clean,” or else you’ll become the laughing stock of the city.


Have you seen some punny-named businesses in your city? Feel free to share them with us in the comments!


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