Last nights’ BET Awards were a star studded affair and, according to reports, a heated event backstage as well.The winners have been announced for 2017’s BET Awards, but it’s the stories rolling out overnight and this morning that have been truly fascinating.

Let’s start with what happened on stage. Indy rapper and industry shaker Chance The Rapper had choice words for the United States government, and wasn’t shay about using the platform he’d been given to express how that made him feel.

“I had plans originally to try and tell the world and everybody watching how they can make it a better place. To tell everybody in this government that y’all need to let everybody out of jail for selling weed before y’all start making it legal for people to sell and make capital off it, […] I was going to tell the Chicago Public School system not to take out a loan from Chase bank when they know that our schools are planning on failing in our district. I was going to tell those judges that we just need a conviction when you know these niggas is wrong for doing this.”

He makes a compelling point, if the US is going to allow people to market and make money off a marijuana industry, what happens to people with existing records or that are still serving time? Watch the clip below:

Chance the Rapper Has 99 Problems but Winning Isn't One

The rapper is honored with the Humanitarian Award for using his craft to uplift his community.

Chance also helped close out the show sharing the stage with DJ KhaledLil’ Wayne and Quavo to perform “I’m The One” on a boat themed set piece that could only be associated with DJ Khaled. Thankfully, Justin Bieber was nowhere to be found. NO WAIT! I take that back – look at Wanye’s shirt. He lives on in spirit.  Again, video link is right below, enjoy!

BET Awards Performance: DJ Khaled Shows You a Performance You'll Be Grateful For!

DJ Khaled and friends hit the stage to perform their hit "I'm the One.".


Speaking of Quavo, it looks like while Chance came to win, Migos just came to fight. In an interview Complex’s talk show Everyday Struggle Joe Budden looking obviously frustrated with the way an interview with the trio was progressing decided to show that frustrating by dropping the mic and walking off the set while co-host DJ Akademiks was wrapping the interview. Apparently, the Migos crew took offense and led to some very tense moments. Take a look for yourself.

Which brings us now to the after party, where reports are coming out that Migos got into it with the notoriously troubled Chris Brown. A scuffle broke out in Los Angeles leading to punches being thrown between Migos, their crew and members of Chris Brown’s entourage. Brown himself stayed out of the fray, but reports say Quavo may have been jacked in the face. Those that are paying attention know that this has been brewing for a while with rumors circulating about Quavo dating one of Brown’s exes – Karrueche Tran – who thinks Chris is such a nice person that she hit him with a restraining order because of his “allegedly” abusive behavior. As usual, video is down below if you like watching this kind of thing.

Now, just so I don’t end this story on a downer, Big Sean was also present at the BET Awards and performed “Sacrifices”, “Bounce Back” and “Moves” from his most recent album I Decided. The Detroit native performed back by a band and in front of a digital screen that moved along with Sean in real time. Nice to see the D represented at the BET Awards. Again, watch below!

BET Awards Performance: Big Sean Kills a Visual Performance at the 2017 BET Awards!

Check out the Don performing hit songs off his new album, I Decided.