Macklemore’s video for his latest single “Glorious” celebrates the life of his 100 year old grandma.

Ben Haggerty has never quite been your average rapper. He’s credited with breaking down the barrier of homophobia in hip hop with his single “Same Love”, and regularly tackles social issues like drug abuse, race, and depression in his music. He also has quite a reputation for making great music videos like the incredibly emotional “Otherside” where he depicts his addiction and low point in his life: relapsing with drug use and nearly overdosing in 2011.

But today Macklemore delivered a whole different caliber of emotional music video with the release of his video for “Glorious”. To celebrate the 100th birthday of his Grandmother, Ben surprised her with a camera crew and said “we can do whatever you want”. What happens next…well, you just have to see for yourself.

The antics that the pair get up to include egging a house, going to the arcade and, of course, strippers. The video is both heartwarming and tear jerking. Good luck not welling up while watching this one.