Watch the horrors of gentrification expressed with clay. It’s more effective than you think.

Run The Jewels may be on the road for the “Run The World Tour” right now, but that doesn’t mean the work is done for the rap duo. Killer Mike and El-P just released a new video fro their song “Don’t Get Captured” which was directed by Chris Hopewell, who has directed music videos for RadioheadThe Offspring and Avenged Sevenfold.

The video uses stop motion animation and clay, commonly referred to as claymation, and has Killer Mike and El-P riding through a house of horrors showing corrupt politicians and police, gentrification, racial profiling and corporal punishment. Check out the video below:

Run The Jewels have never tried to avoid politics and Rosie Brind of Jacknife Studios helped to produce the video and helping to assure the groups message was translated to the video.

Run The Jewels will be performing in Detroit as a part of MoPop Festival 2017 on Saturday July 29th. For more info visit the MoPop Website.