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(Photo by Alexander Koerner/Getty Images)

A Detroit woman said the robber who stole her purse Friday morning sent a semi-nude photo of her to all the contacts in her cellphone.

Kimberly Good took a routine trip to drop her son off at work around 6 a.m. When she returned home, the robber attacked her, stealing her purse after a short struggle.

She then chased the robber to the corner of the street, but he jumped in a car and took off with the bag, which contained Good’s license, about $100 in cash and her cellphone. “With my cellphone, he took one of my pictures — of me in my bra — and sent it to all of my contacts,” Good said.

She discovered the photo had been sent after receiving texts and phone calls about it on her replacement phone. She warned others to be aware of their surroundings so similar robberies don’t happen in the future.