Dirt Bag of The Day: Disturbing Texts on San Jose-bound Plane Lead to Child-Sex Arrests!


Michael Kellar, 56, of Tacoma, was arrested on suspicion of soliciting child sex acts after he was seen texting illicit messages while on a San Jose-bound flight on July 31, 2017.

An airline passenger is being called a "hero" after she helped stop two suspected child predators. The unnamed Seattle-area preschool teacher became alarmed after spotting "certain words" in the large-font texts of a man seated in front of her on a Southwest flight from Seattle to San Jose last week. The woman read on as the man allegedly instructed his correspondent to molest children. She took photos of the man's screen, then notified the crew. Once the flight landed, the man was questioned by the FBI and San Jose police. Michael Kellar, 56, of Tacoma said his messages were sexual fantasy. But police say the woman with whom Kellar was communicating was babysitting two children, aged 5 and 7, at the time, and allege the kids were being abused. Both suspects were arrested and charged.