NEW YORK - JUNE 26: A Michael Jackson album sits on a stack of records inside A-1 Records on June 26, 2009 in New York, New York. Michael Jackson, a musical pop icon, died yesterday in Los Angeles, California. Record stores across the country have been wittnessing a surge in sales of Jackson records. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

With Google’s doodles in the mornings, you tend to get sucked in. This one is no exception! 

Google’s latest Doodle takes us into the 44th anniversary of Hip Hop, and lets us become the Hip Hop DJ of our dreams.

With a milk crate full of vinyls, it will teach the (very minimal) principals of DJing, set goals for you to accomplish, and teach you about the birth of breaks in DJing, as well as the birth of breakdancing.

It sets you up with the two turntables, and you can choose to sync the BPMs, or change the speed on either turntable, fading between two songs, and even scratching on the decks.

This will be a hard one to one-up for the next doodle. Way to go Google, this is fresh!

To view it, go to Google and click on the doodle, and you will be transported to NYC with your very own MC tour guide.