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Laker Rookie Lonzo Ball Says Rap Legend Nas isn't "Real Hip Hop"

Lonzo Ball's path to the NBA has sure has sure had it's highlights, with most of the fireworks coming from has dad, LaVar, saying crazy things on any news platform that would listen. But it would seem Lonzo may not fall too far from the LaVar tree after all.

In his family's Facebook reality show Ball in The Family, Lonzo Ball claimed that rap legend Nas is "outdated" and "not real hip hop". A producer was commenting to him they were going to him to listen to "real hip hop", that's when Ball made his comments. He claimed, "Don’t nobody listens to Nas no more. Real hip-hop is Migos and Future." This has not made people happy.

Olaxson Koisee on Twitter

How dare Lonzo ball disrespected Nas.....he needs a formal apology

whitt_pivotstovideo on Twitter

It's weird that Lonzo Ball has so much hate for 90s hip-hop given that he looks exactly like Craig Mack.

Kevin Holmes on Twitter

I heard what Lonzo Ball said about Nas and hip hop. See below for my response:

Nas' manager lashed out saying that "Nas has never heard of you" and also called him "oatmeal face". Rapper Lil B, who is famous for placing his "curse" on Kevin Durant and James Harden, also responded warning the youngster to wise up.

Lil B THE BASEDGOD on Twitter

Lonzo ball is a few seconds away from being cursed his rookie year on the lakers, nas is hip hop and always relevant, watch ur team - Lil B

Lil B THE BASEDGOD on Twitter

Didnt the lakers just trade a snitch deanglo Russell? Lakers front office what's y'all problem? Step ur PGs up. LONZO WATCH UR MOUTH - Lil B

It would seem Lonzo's comments has reached far and wide as actor/comedian even felt the need to go off on the rookie.

MichaelRapaport on Twitter

Lonzo Ball said that Nas ain't Hip Hop!!! #SuckaShit

Lonzo Ball better hope he's an all-star right out the gates, otherwise he'd probably do best to stay away from social media. The rap community remembers.