WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA - AUGUST 22: Actor Harry Dean Stanton poses for a portrait for the film "Harry Dean Stanton: Partly Fiction" at Dan Tana's Restaurant on August 22, 2013 in West Hollywood, California. (Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images)

The actor who has been in movies like “Pretty in Pink”, “The Godfather: Part II” and “Repo Man” has passed away at 91.

Harry Dean Stanton may not be a name you immediately recognize, but when you see his face, you can recall dozens of incredible roles the man has inhabited during his 63 year long career in Hollywood.

Stanton’s career began in 1954 and continued through 2017 with an appearance on the TV show “Inner Sanctum”. He would go on to act in a variety of movies and tv shows including “Gunsmoke”, “The Untouchables”, and “Alien”.

One of Stanton’s final roles was reprising the character Carl Rodd in the return of “Twin Peaks” on Showtime. While the character Carl Rodd wasn’t featured on the original television show, the character did see some screen time in the 1992 film “Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me”.

One of the highlights from the third season of “Twin Peaks” was Harry Dean Stanton singing Red River Valley.

TWIN PEAKS 2017 clip - Red River Valley

Carl (Harry Dean Stanton) strumming "Red River Valley" on a guitar Directed by David Lynch

His final performance will be as a part of the show “Lucky”