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Rapper B.o.B. Wants To Use Crowdfunding To Prove That The Earth Is Flat - The Gello Show

Is B.o.B serious???

Rapper B.o.B thinks the world is flat and he’s hoping to put your money where his mouth is.

The rapper just started a GoFundMe campaign called “Show BoB The Curve” that aims to help the celebrity non-scientist “purchase and launch multiple satellites into space.”

The campaign started Friday with a goal to raise $200,000. Uproxx figures that’s probably “enough for a small, economy-class satellite ― you know, just something for day-to-day use, nothing too flashy.”

The goal has since been raised to $1 million, but the response has been as flat as B.o.B. claims this planet is: Only around $2,000 had been raised as of Tuesday afternoon.

B.o.B. explains the reasoning for his so-called scientific expedition in this 18-second video.Rea

September 25, 2017

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