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FRANKFURT AM MAIN, GERMANY - FEBRUARY 17: An Airbus A-380 of Singapore Airlines is pictured at Frankfurt International Airport on February 17, 2012 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. The GdF union (German Gewerkschaft der Flugsicherung), which represents air traffic control employees, says workers overseeing operations on the tarmac at Germany's busiest airport will walk off the job from 3 p.m. on Thursday, and from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. on Friday. GdF is engaged in a dispute with airport operator Fraport over pay and working conditions for some 200 ground workers. (Photo by Ralph Orlowski/Getty Images)

Flying first class can be a luxurious experience.

We mean, have you even seen the pods? They are essentially like fold out beds in the sky! Well, thanks to this idea, those cool flight forts are a thing of the past.

One airline carrier is changing how we view flying. Singapore Airlines has been installing their flights with private suites. Instead of feeling cramped in one seat for far too long, you can now stretch out in your own room. In a single room suit, passengers can expect to find a twin sized bed, comfortable chair, desk and a TV.


Flying with your significant other? Your flight experience is about to get an upgrade. Customers can also rent out a private suit that includes all of the amenities as the single room, but instead of a twin bed you will have a queen sized bed. Imagine how great it would be to travel across the world for your Honeymoon? No longer will you be sleepy when you arrive. You can be fully energized in a real bed.



These suites are not offered on every one of Singapore Airline’s flights. Passengers can expect to book a suite in the Airbus A380 double-decker. We are sure these rooms are the ultimate height of luxury and are going to have quite a price point.


A luxury like no other. #FlySQ #SingaporeAir [????: @soratorikuno_yoshinori]

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Those who book the rooms will also receive a “Gourmet menu, a pleasant bathroom for which there won’t be a ‘fasten seat-belts’ sign is off, and freaking sleepwear, in the form of slippers and pajamas” says Maxim.


Fine dining 35,000 feet in the air. ????: @judyeats #FlySQ #SingaporeAir #SQFoodie

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By looking at photos of these suites, it looks as though the says of fancy airlines are coming back. It is not shocking at all that Singapore Airlines are the folks behind this new addition. The airlines is notorious for transforming their customer’s flying experience.


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