D Bag of the Day: Cops Break Up a Party After a Butt Dial . . . Then Go Back When Someone Pulls a Gun on the Butt Dialer


Some teenage kids in York, Maine were having a party and drinking on Saturday night.  And one of them accidentally BUTT DIALED 911 . . . so the cops came and broke up the party.

It was going down at a 45-year-old woman named Leighlon Anderson's house . . . we assume one of her kids was involved.  And she was charged with allowing minors to consume alcohol.

But that was NOT the end of the night.

Less than an hour later, the cops got a REAL 911 call from the house after a 36-year-old guy named Joseph Coreau pulled a GUN on the kid who'd done the butt dialing.

We're not sure how Joseph was connected to Leighlon or the party, but clearly he was REALLY upset about it getting busted.

Anyway, the cops evacuated the house and eventually a SWAT team busted in and found Joseph hiding in the attic.  And he was arrested for criminal threatening with a dangerous weapon.