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Marvel's The Punisher

After watching week after week of the promotions put out for ‘Stranger Things,’ it was insane to find that ‘The Punisher’ wasn’t exactly pushed. 

After checking through ‘The Punisher’ Twitter account, there is 1/4 as much promotion by Netflix as ‘The Defenders’ got. Especially when it comes to cross-promotion.

With the connection to ‘Daredevil,’ you would think that there would be some backup promotion from Matt Murdock’s squad, but all that aside, Jon Bernthal puts back on the vest before promptly burning it within the first 10 minutes of the first episode.

Speaking of Matt Murdock’s familiars, Karen Paige is also back – so maybe she will be the Claire to Frank’s world in this series.


And if you think that maybe Frank has changed his life since prison – let me be the first to tell you, he hasn’t. He’s still throwing down just as hard as he did before.

Another interesting thing I want to point out: I feel as if Marvel is using this opportunity to touch on the subject of PTSD in soldiers, even though it’s a very light touch. Frank has quite a few flashbacks and is troubled with some of the things he did back in wartime, and I think that in Marvel’s own way, they are very subtly bringing it to light. Either that or I just have some wishful thinking.

Check out the production stills here, and be sure to check out the show on Netflix… That is, if you haven’t already binge-watched it this past weekend.



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