D Bag Of The Day: A 9-Year-Old Ditched Her Mom on Black Friday, Stole Her Car, and Tried to Outrun the Cops

This kid either hates Black Fri...day shopping, or her mom loves it so much she wasn't paying attention.  Maybe both

An eight-year-old girl was out shopping with her mom last Friday in Anderson, Indiana.  It's not clear why, but she decided enough was enough, and ditched her mom . . . jumped in the driver's seat of her mom's JEEP . . . and TOOK OFF.

(Photo by Tristan Fewings/Getty Images)

She ended up in a police chase that hit speeds of up to 40 miles an hour.  We wouldn't normally call that a "high-speed" chase, but it's pretty fast for an eight-year-old.

She refused to stop when they tried to pull her over, so they had to use several police cruisers to box her in and slow her down.

She made it about 10 miles before they finally stopped her.  But she didn't put it in park, so the Jeep lurched forward and caused some minor damage to one of the cruisers.

The doors were locked, and she wouldn't get out.  So they had to shatter a window to get to her.  Luckily her only injuries were some minor cuts from the glass.  But she could end up facing charges for it.


(Herald Bulletin / RTV6)