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Before you pull an INSANE revenge stunt, it’s worth doing at least a LITTLE planning.

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D Bag Of The Day: What this guy did to intimidate a lawyer will crack you up!!! The Gello Show

A 50-year-old guy named Gary Howard from Sebastopol, in northern California, wanted to get revenge on a criminal defense lawyer earlier this month.

It’s not clear WHY Gary had a problem with the lawyer, because their paths had never crossed.

He found the lawyer’s address in the phone book, then put a dead bird and a FLAMING box of dog poop on the porch . . . and set the lawyer’s pickup truck on FIRE.

There was just one problem:  He was at the wrong house.  Gary accidentally targeted someone who had the same name as the lawyer.

Anyway, he was arrested for felony arson, vandalism, and animal cruelty.


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