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Vintage Nuclear Missile Silo = Awesome Airbnb Location

There are a series of awesome listings on the vacation rental site, Airbnb. Renters can nab everything from the bizarre to the out-right strange. One property, located in Kansas is a transformed nuclear missile silo. The Cold-War era location used to house a nuclear warhead almost 65 years ago. Currently, it is looking to house a few tourists coming into the area.

This Airbnb site is located in Wabaunsee County and, according to the Associated Press is located 15 miles southwest of Topeka.

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Trust us, this place is the bomb! Luxury converted Cold War-era nuclear missile silo lists on Airbnb


Host of the nuclear missile silo, Matthew Fulkerson lives next to the site’s owners, Ed and Dianna Peden. It was Matthew’s idea to turn the area into an Airbnb. Both Ed and Dianna have been living on the property since 1994. Aside from the unusual nuclear missile silo on the property, it also is a converted missile base.

With the impending success of the transformed shelter, he is hoping to make the location into something more outstanding. He said that he hopes to make it into “a destination”. Since they fully refurbished the silo, many news stations have picked up the story.

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You can now sleep in this nuclear missile silo on Airbnb


The Associated Press also noted that guests “will have a full kitchen, private bathroom, laundry services and a fireplace which gives a ‘nice, cozy feeling in the fall and winter months”. The couple is also hoping to open the apartments, both upstairs and downstairs if the popularity of the location picks up.

This is the only missile silo to be for rent on Airbnb. According to The Topeka Capital-Journal, there use to be multiple missile silos “scattered across much of the Midwest, as well as parts of both the west and east West and East coasts of the United States.” So, who knows, if the popularity of this unique dwelling catches, we may see more missile silos popping up for rent.


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