D Bag Of The Day: A Woman Fires Two Shots at Her Husband When He's on the Toilet to Make Him "Listen" - The Gello Show

Well, I'll say this:  I'm pretty sure this woman accomplished her goal of getting her husband to start listening to her.

A guy in Goodyear, Arizona was sitting on the toilet back on December 30th when suddenly, his 69-year-old wife Linda Jean Fahn busted into the bathroom and FIRED two shots in his direction.

They both hit the wall about seven inches above his head.  The police say he was slouched on the toilet, and that's a good thing, or else the shots would've been a lot closer.

He called the cops.  When they got there, Linda admitted to firing the shots at the wall, and she said she did it, quote, "to make him listen to me."

She was arrested for aggravated assault.  Linda and her husband have been married for 32 years.


(ABC 15 - Phoenix