D Bag Of The Day: A Business Owner Drives 500 Miles to Beat Up a Customer Who Left a Bad Review Online

Your online anger CAN have real-world consequences.

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D Bag Of The Day: Be careful of who you review online

Especially if the person it's directed at is a psychopath.  A woman in eastern China recently ordered something from an online store, and it showed up four days later than they said it would.

So she left a nasty review on their website.  And the guy who owns the company was so incensed by it, he drove more than 500 miles to ATTACK her.

It's not clear what she wrote or why he was so angry.  But there's video of him slapping and kicking her in the street, and knocking her down.  She ended up with a concussion, but she'll be okay.  No word on what kind of charges he's facing.


(Here's the video.)