D Bag Of The Day: A Woman Skips Her Mother's Funeral...To Steal Her Safe

Something tells me this woman did NOT have a great relationship with her mom.  Call it a hunch.

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D Bag Of The Day: You won't believe what a new woman did during her own moms funeral!

A woman named Audra Johnson from Southington, Connecticut died last week.  And her 30-year-old daughter Alyce Davenport skipped her funeral last Friday.

Why?  Because Alyce was breaking into her mom's house at the time and stealing her safe with $90,000 worth of stuff in it.

When Audra's fiancé got home after the funeral, he found someone had broken into the house.  So he called the cops.

They quickly figured out Alyce had broken in, and they found her and her 27-year-old boyfriend Diron Conyers staying at a motel.

They were both arrested on theft charges.

(Worcester Telegram

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