Weight loss and healthy living – they’re not easy!

Just ask anyone who has tried to shed some pounds, lower their cholesterol, or fit into that special dress, or pair of pants. It takes patience, time, and consciously making decisions that are in your health’s best interest, every single day.

To make it easier, Molina Healthcare has some simple tips that, if put into practice in your everyday life, can add up to some seriously great results!

  1. “Sugar: Bad”
    Sugar and high fructose corn syrup are strongly associated with the risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease and obesity. So if you’re looking to drop pounds, drop the added sugar.
  2. “Glucomannan”
    Would you believe taking a supplement can help you lose weight? Believe it! Studies show glucomannan helps you feel fuller and eat fewer calories.
  3. “Steer Clear of Carbs”
    What’s so terrible about carbs? Refined sugars and grains make blood sugar spike, increasing hunger, food cravings and binging. So steer clear!
  4. “Protein is Important”
    Protein is the super nutrient that helps you burn more calories AND feel so satisfied, you eat less. If you want to lose weight, eat more protein. It’s that simple!
  5. “Keep Track”
    The more you count calories and pay attention to every snack and meal, the less likely you are to overeat. So write it all down, take mental notes or snap photos—awareness helps!
  6. “Spice Things Up”
    Eat spicy foods like hot peppers and sweet peppers, which  have capsaicin and capsiate—compounds that may lower your appetite and increase the feeling that you’re full.
  7. “Fiber”
    When you feel full, you’re not as quick to grab an unhealthy snack. Fiber increases that full feeling so make sure you eat fiber-rich foods like beans, grains and fruit!
  8. “Take the Stairs”
    Squeezing a workout into your schedule isn’t easy, so why not grab a little exercise when you can? Choose the stairs over the elevator. Park farther from the building. Take a walking meeting at work.
  9. “Get Some Rest”
    There’s a strong link between poor sleep and weight gain. People who sleep well tend to eat less, exercise more, focus better—all the good stuff. So get some rest!
  10. “Protein for Breakfast”
    Want to drop some pounds? Replace your breakfast cereal with eggs, or some other protein. You could feel more satisfied—and eat fewer calories for the next 36 hours!
  11. “Smaller Plates”
    Here’s an easy way to trick yourself into eating less: serve food on smaller plates! People tend to consume less when they use plates and bowls that are tinier. 
  12. “Don’t Diet”
    Unfortunately, people who constantly diet tend to gain more weight! So instead, focus on nutrition and being healthier, fitter—and happier! And you may drop pounds naturally.  
  13. “Green Tea Time”
    Green tea includes a little caffeine and a lot of special antioxidants that many scientists believe work WITH the caffeine, to rev up fat burning in your body. So keep extra pounds off by drinking green tea whenever you can.
  14. “Workout Buddy”
    A great strategy for making sure you stick to your exercise plan is to find a Workout Buddy. Studies show that friends who exercise together train longer, burn more calories, keep each other accountable, and visit the gym more regularly.
  15. “Take Your Time Chewing”
    Mom was right! Chewing more slowly not only allows you enjoy every bite. It also might help you eat fewer calories—and even trigger hormones in your body linked to weight loss.
  16. “Fruits and Veggies”
    Here’s a classic that’s still true: if you want to lose weight, eat fruits and veggies! They’ll give you nutrients and tons of fiber, they take a while to chew and people who eat them weigh less. Find the fruits and veggies you love and enjoy them often.
  17. “Pack a Snack”
    If you wait till you’re starving to eat, you might consume something unhealthy. So pack a healthy snack in case you get hungry: try nuts, whole fruit, baby carrots—maybe even a hard-boiled egg or string cheese.
  18. “Go Cardio”
    Exercising is good for your mental and physical health—and helps you burn off extra calories. Especially cardio, which is short for cardiovascular: exercise that elevates your heart rate. Ask your doctor to help you find the best fat-burning exercise for you!
  19. “Lift Weights”
    When you lose weight through dieting, you might also lose muscle—and slow your ability to burn fat. One way to combat this: lift weights! It could help keep your metabolism high and preserve healthy muscle mass.
  20. “Don’t Drink Your Calories”
    The biggest source of sugar in most diets is: sugary drinks, including soda and fruit juice! When you drink your sugar instead of eating it, you can easily ingest many, many calories, fast. Do yourself a favor and stick to water, herbal tea and even coffee.
  21. “Easy Does It”
    Crash diets can help you drop weight fast—then gain it back just as quickly. But if you can transition to a lifestyle of eating healthier, and only eating when you’re hungry, your healthy results can last a lifetime.
  22. “Drink Water”
    Did you know drinking water can help you lose weight? It’s true—it can boost your metabolism, and your ability to burn calories. Plus, drinking water before meals may make you eat less.
  23. “Coffee is Good”
    Great news for coffee-lovers: high-quality coffee includes loads of antioxidants, which are good for you. And caffeine raises your metabolism, helping you burn fat faster. So enjoy that coffee—as long as you don’t add sugar or heavy cream.
  24. “Coconut Oil”
    Coconut oil is high in medium chain triglycerides—special fats that your body processes differently than others. They tend to reduce your appetite AND help you burn fat faster. So try replacing other cooking oils with coconut oil.
  25. “Beat Stress Fat”
    Stress can cause cravings for salty, sugary and fat-filled foods. So if anxiety makes you want to binge on the bad stuff, try one of these tricks instead: go for a walk, eat slower, get more sleep, or treat yourself to a tiny bit of the foods you crave. 

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