D Bag Of The Day: Mother Leaves Her Crying Child in Car to Shoplift from a Store

A Florida woman was arrested after police say she left her young child in a car while she shoplifted items from a market.

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D Bag Of The Day: A mother leaves her child in a car to go and shoplift from a store

Sarah Wilmoth, 30, was arrested January 13th after police were alerted that a small child had apparently been left alone inside an SUV at a local supermarket parking lot.

According to an arrest report, the responding sheriff’s deputies broke into the car to help the crying child and then called emergency medical personnel in to administer first aid. Wilmoth was also located in the market. While searching her, police officers say they found a drug that turned out to be methamphetamine laced with cocaine. Hidden in her bra, they also found shoplifted facial cream, clear nail polish and an air deodorizer.

Wilmoth was then quickly arrested for child endangerment, shoplifting and meth possession.